Bookshelf / Bench

Technology Used
AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator


Little Free Library Design Competition

Little Free Library Organization, Winnipeg Public Library, StorefrontMB, Culture Days Manitoba

Emeil Andron Alvarez


Pixelio (pixel + biblio) was a competition entry for the Little Free Library Design Competition initiated by the Little Free Library, a global movement that promotes the spread of literacy by setting up a network of small free libraries in people’s front yards. Selected to partake in the exhibition at the Millennium Library as part of Winnipeg’s 2013 Culture Days, Pixelio not only showcased a well thought-out functionality, but also a meaningful narrative. Inspired by the idea of a plant that provides fruit, its intent was to provide knowledge by giving the public a quick access to books. Its form, a 3D and "pixelated" version of the hypothetical plant, serves as an allusion to the rapid digitalization and transformation of urban cities like Winnipeg.


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