dialect-ics is a platform for exploring, analyzing, and generating a discourse about design and its methods in devising solutions to problems. Its fundamental goal is to ask questions and to challenge the form and functionality of conventional objects and spaces that people use in their every day lives. Driven primarily by data and guiding principles, it places more importance on logic over intuition, breadth over speed.



Jim Kurt Ereño


+1 204 898 0726

20-535 Grey Street,
Winnipeg, MB r2k 2z1

Jim Kurt Ereño is a multidisciplinary designer with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba (Faculty of Architecture). Since graduating in 2014, he has been involved in a number of interior renovation projects with emphasis on site analysis, space planning, universal design principles, branding, and technical drawing. He possesses a strong conceptual aptitude and has participated in competitions both locally and internationally. In his free time, he likes to read about and discuss history, anthropology, and current events.